Do the chlorine kill all parasites?

Do the chlorine kill all parasites?

The people, me included will tell you that the chlorine kill all parasites.       I was wrong! I will not tell you that from this moment on.  I do not say they are wrong. Why I say this is that for the last seven days when I shower I smell the chlorine in the water. It come to me that now is the right time to take a water sample and see if there is any living organisms present. I was in the bed last night at 10 and when I was lying there, I remember that I did not look to the waster sample that I took the morning. I stand up and went to my study and switch the microscope on and took the sample to study it. What was my surprise when I saw dead roundworms (Nematodes) but there I see this living organism that looks like the mango shape one that cause the tummy bug symptoms. Wait there is a swimming roundworm and another one. On the one sample on the glass I have found 6 live roundworms (Nematodes) and 18 dead ones. The mango shaped organisms was 9 in total.

Chlorine do not kill all parasites.

If the chlorine kills all parasites then why were the round worms still alive? The waste sample that I took was from my reverse osmosis system. The chlorine would be able to kill it even in the e reverse osmosis system. I now know that chlorine do not kills all parasites.


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